Word Combinations

to make/take a (careful) choice rewarding/stimulating work

to have no choice to be devoted to smth. or smb.

to be interested in to be responsible for smth.

to leave/finish school to take/accept responsibility

school leaver to have/need a sense of res-

to consider teaching (medicine, ponsibliliry

etc.) as a career to cope with smth.

to take up a carrer/a job to earn/enjoy gratitude

to go in for teaching and respect

to be in teaching (medicine, to have (no) respect for

banking, etc.) smb. or smth.

to be in/out of one's line love of smth./for smb.

Note: The nouns Word Combinations "work, job, profession, career, vocation" have more or less the same meaning. Nevertheless there is a certain diffеrence in their semantics and usage.

"Work" has the most general meaning and can be applied to anything one has to do in the way of making a living. "Job" is close to it in its meaning but tends to denote less prestigious work. Apart from that the word "job" can also denote a position in employment, in which case the difference between the words "work" and "job" is quite obvious (е.g. I'm very fond of шу Word Combinations job, even though it means doing a lot of work). "Profession" is work which requires advanced education and special training. Traditionally it's applied to law, medicine, architecture and military career. The word "career" itself means either a course of progress in the life of a person or has the same meaning as the word "work" and is mostly used when speaking of the choice of work. The word "vocation" means the kind of work to which a man is led by natural talents (compare with the word "calling"). It's a learned word and is seldom used in everyday Word Combinations speech.

Remember that thе word "work" in the meaning mentioned above is uncountable and shouldn't be used with the indefinite article or in the plural.

In contrast to it the word "job" is countable and can be used with the indefinite article.

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